Corporate cards and payment operations in one platform

Unlimited Visa credit cards, with maximum acceptance, team limits, attractive payment terms and up to 1% cashback. All in one platform for your entire company spend.

Benefit from real VISA® credit cards in

Unlimited virtual and physical Visa credit cards for your team and all your subscriptions

Unlimited cashback of up to 1% on every payment

Universal acceptance and high limits to facilitate any purchase

Use with your existing business bank account and connect to over 20,000 banks

Premium perks like a comprehensive insurance package and worldwide airport lounge access

Safer to use than other alternative form of credit with build in fraud protection

Cards that help you scale your business and optimize your spend

Payment automation and Visa credit cards in one tool

Cards for your business spend

Unlimited cards with custom limits, and smooth build in spend management

Powerful AP & AR software

Capture and pay your bills and collect customer invoices in one place

Build in payment automation

Automatically reconcile all your payments and prepare your accounting entry

The past
Inefficent. Insecure. Manual.

Invoice processing is slow and lacks line items

Manual payments rely on spreadsheets/CSVs

Approval managed over e-mail

Using multiple banking and money-transfer apps

Can’t delegate to your team or accountant

The future
Integrated. Secure. Automated.

Rapidly capture any invoice with line items

Payments integrated with your bank and ledger

Auditable integrated approval workflows

Multi-currency payments

Easily delegate approvals and payments

Spending superpowers at your fingertips

Your company spend in one place

Our platform handles all your outstanding payments, subscriptions, and company spend all in one place. Monitor your inflows and outflows across all your bank and e-money accounts.

Keep track of your subscriptions

Dedicated cards for subscriptions take the stress out of monthly recurring fees and service charges. Pause, update or cancel your at any time. Monitor your spend for each service at all times.

Powerful cards for your entire team

In Denario, you can create as many Pliant credit cards as you want for your team and assign individual limits. Your transactions are updated in real time and are automatically reconciled, so that costs remain under control.

A seamless experience. With premium benefits.

Savings of up to 1% on every payment

Airport lounge access & purchase insurance

Discounts & custom partnership deals

Spend, optimise, and scale globally!

Frequently asked questions

What type of cards are offered?

Pliant offers Visa credit cards, both virtual and physical. Regarding physical cards, customers can choose between Blue (Visa Platinum Business) and Black (Visa Infinite Business credit cards). Pliant is neither a prepaid nor a debit card and, therefore, is bank account independent, offers maximum card acceptance, and does not need to be charged in advance.

Where are Pliant cards accepted?

Pliant offers Visa cards, which are accepted by over 40 million online and offline retailers in over 200 countries.

Is Pliant secure?

Pliant assigns security and data protection the highest priority. All personal data is stored in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Critical card data are stored and processed in line with the very high data security standards of the payment card industry (PCI DSS). Additionally, Pliant cards are enabled for 3DS to ensure additional protection for online purchases.

What are Visa Infinite Business credit cards?

Visa Infinite Business is the highest credit card standard offered by Visa. We are proud to be the first provider in Germany meeting these high standards for businesses through its unique value proposition including premium card perks lounge access and insurances. Corporates can achieve access through significant card volumes or the paid premium package.

What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards work the same way as physical cards, only that no plastic version of the card is provided, with card data being only accessible via your Denario app. Advantages of virtual cards include their instant availability. They also cannot be lost and are offered with a range of flexible usability options. Since they are offered at no extra cost, separate virtual cards can be issued for specific merchants or purchases with individual settings tailored to the specific use case. That way, if something is wrong with one card, there is no need to update card data across multiple merchants.

Can I use my connected bank account with Pliant?

Yes, you can easily use Pliant cards along with any existing corporate bank account.

How do Pliant cashbacks work?

Cashback means that for every transaction done with a Pliant card, our customers will get back a certain percentage of the transaction value. We provide different cashback percentages for different repayment frequencies. You can also earn extra cashback payments based on a range of partner deals in categories such as IT equipment, hotel & travel, as well as office supplies.

Does Pliant support Visa 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a free service facilitated by VISA that lets you transact securely on “Verified by Visa“ / “Visa Secure” online merchants using your Pliant credit cards. It adds a security layer by an additional verification step. During this verification you must provide a one-time password that is only available to you.All Pliant credit cards are automatically equipped with 3D Secure. During your online purchase you will receive the one-time password via SMS or e-mail for the verification. This password you can input into the verification page that will show the Visa logo and confirm the payment by clicking confirm / send. If the password is correct, the transaction will be successful and otherwise declined. Pliant credit cards also work at merchants that do not participate in Visa 3D secure program.This service is offered due to the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) before initiation of the payment. Therefore, Visa recently enhanced its security for online purchases including both e-commerce and m-commerce transactions to satisfy this new standard.In case you are not receiving your one-time password, please check that your phone and / or e-mail address are up to date within your user area. To learn more about Visa 3D Secure follow this link