Ecommerce cashflow doesn’t have to be complicated

Denario is helping the world’s most innovative eComm companies to scale faster and more efficiently. Pay vendors, manage invoices, track payment statuses, and smooth out your cash cycle - all in one place.

The world’s most powerful finance platform for ecommerce

Single source of truth

We automatically centralize and capture all your invoices and banking data in one place. Clear visibility for you, your finance manager and accountant.

Automate your AP & AR

1-click bulk payments globally for all your invoices across your value chain. Set up approval workflows and automatically reconcile your customer orders.

Optimize your cashflow

Real-time revenue, costs and cash flow insights at a glance. Our cash flow planning and forecasting helps you understand your liquidity 3 to 6 months from now.

Integrations tailored for ecommerce

Automate your entire workflow. From sourcing invoices to bulk payments to reconciling customer orders with integrations that work for you.

One place for all your invoices sourced automatically

Bulk pay all your vendors at once

No need for manually typing out bank account details of vendors. Simply select the invoices you want to pay, chose your bank account and click pay.

Global payments at competitive rates

Pay your vendors/stakeholders across your supply chain, all in one place, all across the world, from any of your bank accounts.

We automatically reconcile all your customer orders

Connect all your bank accounts

Connect more than 20,000 banks, including e-money accounts like Wise and Paypal.

Real-time data on revenue and costs with instant insights

Flexibility where it counts

Apply for financing without leaving your couch. We will pay your vendors upfront for large purchases—say, inventory—and you pay them back in 30-120 days for a small monthly fee.

Plays nice with your accounting software

We automatically reconcile all your AP and AR data from invoices and bank transactions and sync it to your dedicated accounting software.

Save time, reduce costs and enable your team

Denario reduces payments admin time by up to 4x

Deep insights into your revenue sources and costs

Transaction mapping connects payments to document

Automated invoice discovery standardisation using OCR

Each team member gets an Individual user account

One single source of truth for you and your accountant

Custom payment approval workflows

Easy integration with accounting software and bank accounts

Grow your ecommerce by getting smart about cash flow

Pay in bulk and close your books faster

1-click global bulk payments, so you have more time for tasks that truly matter to grow your business.

We automatically reconcile your payments with invoice data and sync it back to your accounting software.

View organisation-wide payment data in real-time.

Manage your payments on the go

Automated approval flows. Set dollar thresholds or request approvals on specific invoices across your team.

User roles and permissions. Control who has access to your sensitive financial data.

Payment status tracking. Stay on top of where your money is, even when it’s on flight.

Be smart about your spending

Schedule payments to optimise cashflow while meeting deadlines. Pay invoices only when you need to.

Real-time actionable insights about revenue and costs, that reveal insights in where you earn and spend your money

One source of financial truth to discuss strategic directions for your business. Invite your external accountant or financial advisor onto the platform.

Get your ecommerce finance stack ready in minutes!