The finance tool for your clients

Gain full visibility of all outstanding and completed payments. Accounting software sync to eliminate back and forth and accelerate month-end close.

How it works

One login for all your clients

Upload an invoice and send your customers a branded payment request link. Get paid instantly into your bank account.

Invoices linked to transactions

Stay on top of transactions matched to every invoice status, for both incoming and outgoing payments.

Improve your workflow

Accelerate your workflow and focus on crucial goals. Accounting software sync keeps the history of all transactions.

Denario makes your life easier and your clients happier

Understand your clients' financials in one view

Understand your client's financial health across all their income sources in one view

Anticipate expected payments and alert your clients

Bulk payment scheduling ensures everything is paid on time

Improve your clients' experience and retention

Fewer requests to chase missing invoices

Less communication needed at month-end close

Lower touch, higher quality service

Simple accounting software sync

Two-way sync of all accounting entries

Transaction, category and supplier mapping

Minimize manual data entry and processing

A solution your clients will love to use

One login for your small business and startup customers

Automatic document collection in one central inbox

Automatic matching of invoices and transactions

Eliminate double entry through duplicate detection

Preselected purchase accounts for every transaction

Analyze your clients' financial performance at a glance