Payment Ops that help you grow

Modern businesses are looking at operation teams for insights and value beyond payments and financial reporting. Denario gives you the ability to meet ever expanding operational challenges

How it works

Automate your workflow

Support your companies’ growth by reducing the time spent on manual, mentally draining tasks, related to bill processing and invoice reconciliation.

Integrate your tools

Denario gathers invoices and receipts automatically, standardises their format, and lets you set up custom approval workflows.

Manage mass payouts

Tap into automated payment reconciliation, accounting software integrations, and real-time reporting.

Payment Ops without the headache

Reconcile your accounts faster

Schedule payments to optimise cashflow while meeting deadlines

Automated reminders notify your customer when payment is due

Collaborate with teammates on approvals and permissions

Keep your workflow simple

Transactions are automatically mapped to your payment documents

View organisation-wide payment data in real time

Use visualisations and tables to make data digestible for any stakeholder

Do more without additional help

Link your business bank account(s) to pay and receive money directly through Denario

Integrate seamlessly with applications such as Xero, QuickBooks and DATEV

Invite your external accountant or financial advisor onto the platform

Reduce cost and enable your team

Each team member gets an Individual user account

Online payment acceptance improves conversion

Automated invoice discovery

Invoice standardisation using OCR tech

Automated mapping connects payments to document

Easy integration with accounting software and bank accounts

Custom payment approval workflows

Denario reduces payments admin time by up to 4x