Fully integrated B2B payments

Now you can integrate B2B payments right into the platform your customers already use. With workflows, compliance, support and integration handled by us

Embedded payments

Build a better, smarter, and faster payment experience for your customers with a hassle-free integration that works for your use-case

Simple integration

Close the loop with an embedded payment journey for users.

Embedded in your tool

Think Denario for bulk payments.Users stay in your platform.

Users pay in a click

Users can initiate a bulk payment in one click from their existing account.

The past
Inefficent. Insecure. Manual.

Invoice processing is slow and lacks line items

Manual payments rely on spreadsheets/CSVs

Approval managed over e-mail

Using multiple banking and money-transfer apps

Can’t delegate to your team or accountant

The future
Integrated. Secure. Automated.

Rapidly capture any invoice with line items

Payments integrated with your bank and ledger

Auditable integrated approval workflows

Multi-currency payments

Easily delegate approvals and payments

One payment experience for your use-case

SaaS companies

Close the loop with an embedded payment journey for users.

B2B marketplaces

Integrate our Accounts Payable (AP) products into your existing platform.

Integrate Denario into your product

Business Payments as a Service

Whether you have bill and vendor management or not, use Denario’s holistic AP solution to offer your business customers an embedded bill pay experience.

Payment Collection as a Service

Give your customers a super easy way to get paid digitally – by sending payment requests business customers can pay or by charging them using direct debit.

Simple setup with many ways to integrate

Hosted white label
API based solution
Hybrid solution

B2B payments. But better

Payable (AP)

Online bill payment

Various payment methods

Custom approval workflows

Integrated supplier network

Receivable (AR)

Online payment collection

Flexible recurring payment

Create one-off payments

Track payment status


Integrated authentication

Integrated light KYC

Automatic account creation

Pay and get paid straight away